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Grand Theft Auto V Isn't Perfect — But Who Said It Had To Be?

Grand Theft Auto V: You may have heard of it.  Every morning its protagonists’ sullen faces stare coldly through me from giant posters on the tube station wall. (I have already bought the game Trevor, jeez’ what more do you want!?)  Michael still holds a stack of bills (and little regard for the sanctity of private property) on the front page of most of London’s free newspapers and magazines. Yes, GTA V outsold its predecessor in a matter of hours and has dominated the majority of gaming press f

Abandon All Trope: Five Gaming Conventions to Leave in the Last Generation

November is a good month to be a gamer. This is true most Novembers, but 2013’s November is a particularly special one. In neighboring hospital beds, Microsoft and Sony have their legs elevated majestically in the stirrups of motherhood, and are taking frenzied gulps of nitrous-oxide to dull the pain. The internet: midwife of technology, is staring expectantly between the thighs to catch a first glimpse of the next generation consoles as they emerge, slick and glistening into the world. The atmo

Privacy Sold Separately: PDP develops Kinect TV Mount and closes shut the All-Seeing Eye

Some time ago it was announced that the beady eye of Microsoft would be forever trained on their customers; the mandatory Kinect shipping with the Xbox One imposing a stalwart watch over your sofa and your sofa-going antics. After considerable outcry, this requirement was of course canned and a palpable sense of calm fell across the internet. The difficulty is that now that the XBone will allow you to disconnect the Orwellian monstrosity, the useful features it enables are lost to the user. If f

Guy Unknowingly Has His XBox One Shipped Early; Microsoft Bans It

Fate can be a cruel mistress as YouTube user MoonlightSwami can surely attest. Having pre-ordered his Xbox One from Target, it arrived  last night some two weeks before the official launch in what seems to have been a shipping error on the part of the retailer. Here’s the tweet he sent out the night he got it: While he is not the only one to have received the Xbox One  early, instead of selling it on eBay for massively inflated prices as others have, he did the honorable thing and took to Twit

Jonathan Ross to Redefine Gaming as Executive Producer at Microsoft

Don’t let anyone tell you there are no jobs to be had. YOU! Lazy scrounger, did you submit a resume for the position of executive producer at Microsoft? Well? Did you?! It wouldn’t have mattered anyway as you would have been pipped at the post by UK telly personality and man who definitely already has a job, Jonathan Ross. While there are currently no specifics, the official line is that Ross has been brought in to aid Microsoft in their quest to “broaden the concept of gaming to maybe blur the

Coming of Age of Empires

The pathetic remains of the Mongol nation lay nestled in the corner of the map. The back of the hoard long since broken by the might of my longbowmen en masse. We have located the stragglers, but they don’t know that they are being watched. Villagers are despatched to to begin work on my own wall just out of sight of theirs and they are soon completely trapped. Blissfully unaware, the few refugees of numerous previous exterminations scrape together sustenance under the harsh sun of the desert. J

Does The Pope Sh*t In The Woods? Find Out With The Sons of Abraham: Crusader Kings 2 DLC

I wrote some time ago about how badass Crusader Kings 2 is here, but if you have any interest in grand strategy gaming and this one has somehow passed you by, I urge you to check it out. CK 2 presents you with a vision of Medieval Europe in the grips of never ending war and charges you with the care of one family dynasty among many hundreds.  It is then up to you to use intrigue, cunning and marshal prowess to secure your bloodline and expand your realm. It is compelling stuff, if a little hard

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